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This Goes Out to the Haters

Good Day!

Firstly, I would like to say to all the people who are currently judging the foods that I eat and post to my Instagram account to kindly mind their own business. I am 23 years old, I know that eating a poutine with 2 hotdogs is not a “healthy choice”, but at this moment, I don’t care. So… keep your mouths shut, and have a little faith in me.

My name is Jake Greenberg, and over the past six years I have gone on two weight loss journeys that have all ended up with me gaining all the weight back, and I am about to attempt my 3rd journey.

Weight Loss Journey Take 1

Back in 2008, I decided to that in order for me to have a better chance with the ladies, I needed to lose some weight. As a FAT boy I lacked a few things.

I was the master of the “Friends Zone”, I had a personality like no other, and I was friends with everybody. I think I was lacking balls because I was late to hit puberty, but still… I only made out with one girl while I was in my early stages of being a FAT teen. Long story short, I went from 269lbs to 190lbs, and snaked my first bid as my girlfriend, her name… The First Lady.

Weight Loss Journey Take 2

After I had locked in The First Lady for a year, I had slowly started to put on weight. She had helped me fill in the missing pieces. For the first time of my life I had confidence, game, and I finally found my BALLS! Rather than being a boy, I was a real man, doing real man things with his girlfriend! I had gone from 190lbs to 305lbs over the span of 5 years. Which brings me to now…

Weight Loss Journey Take 3

I’m not sure what my strategy will be for this next journey, but I do know for sure that Reebok CrossFit YUL will be involved. Although I took a two month hiatus from CrossFit, I went back last night, and I plan on making my presence a recurring thing. So take note, I may not be eating right, but as coach Mark said…

“If you’re going to eat like shit, at least have some broccoli while doing it.”
Weight Loss Journey Take 3

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I've been fat my whole life, other than a quick year when I lost almost 100 pounds. Now I've gained it back, and more, to become the fattest I've ever been. 305 pounds. Now I'm hoping to lose weight and go from fat to fit on the internet.

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  • Frankie V

    Not sure if you’re still posting somewhere else, but I hope the journey has been successful. I’m about to start my own. Saw your video on rowing, and I’m glad to see we have the same problems. Hard to keep form with my gut in the way. Anyway, reading your past posts, and hope to see more. Cheers.