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DeadBeatEmpire – Car Orgasm

DeadBeatEmpire YouTube Show

is your home for the very best and very worst in music on the interwebs, and YouTube Show. This YouTube Channel was created by a good friend of mine. Tyler Lemco, the founder of DeadBeatEmpire, started off his YouTube career as a writer/character on Epic Meal Time. Since then he has moved on, and is now working full time on developing his, and DeadBeatEmpires YouTube Shows brand.

The guy is a best friend of mine, and I always told him…

“Life would be so simple if we were just GAY together”
…I think we like VAGINAS to much, but either way, I love the the guy.

This web series is a weekly event that is only getting better. Don’t take any offence to the videos featured within the show, keep in mind that the videos were originally submitted to YouTube from the user. We are just a couple of guys getting nasty with each other, joking around, and having a good time. We are a group of friends who are yet to be defined by a name, but enjoy each others presence.

In this weeks episode there are two guest stars brought into the picture! Alex Perrault A.K.A. formally know as Muscle Glasses from Epic Meal Time. But that’s not it! The FAT Guy is here to play too, and play we do. My gut is out, and everyone should be watching the YouTube Show and telling there friends about it.

Tyler and Alex are two very creative guys who have the drive to accomplish many things if they put their minds to it. There’s no question about it I love them to death, and so should you. I feel like a proud, fat, jewish mother.

Watch this new YouTube Show and Subscribe for more great laughs!

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I've been fat my whole life, other than a quick year when I lost almost 100 pounds. Now I've gained it back, and more, to become the fattest I've ever been. 305 pounds. Now I'm hoping to lose weight and go from fat to fit on the internet.

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