Trailer Trash Accident

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Nothing like a lil Trailer Trash whale tail to get your night going! I was supposed to dress up as a March of the living participant last night, but after my brother TB1 told me that people were expecting big things from me, I had to figure something out.

Last night got a little crazy. My trailer trash costume got the people going at the party I was at, to the point where people were taking pictures with my ass. I couldn’t have asked for a better result. So many chikitas were coming up to me and asking to slap my ass. For the first time ever, my pain was also my happiness.

Because my costume had short shorts involved, I was forced into wearing a thong. Besides for it pulling on my ass hairs, it wasn’t so bad. However, I finally found out why girls barely fart. Thongs cover your butthole just enough to prevent it from allowing a fart to come out. I don’t know exactly what the science behind it is, but it was a weird feeling trying to fart, but getting something more.

Speaking of which, after my late night poutine and two cheese bacon hotdogs with ketchup and mayo, I think I had a little bit of poop in my thong.

Overall, I think that my Trailer Trash costume from last night was a huge hit. If I wasn’t going out with The First Lady, all the bitches be on me, but I love her!

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Tyler Lemco & Alex Perrault have been in my life for a really long time, and over the years we have only got closer. I can honestly say that I would totally get gay with them, but also they are like brothers to me. Make sure to follow them on Twitter for great entertainment. Besides, that’s what we are here to do.


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Trailer Trash Accident

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