Halloween Costumes Time

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Well, I hit publish by accident for my Halloween Costumes post, so I guess you can watch me write this post.

Halloween Costumes to me are like playing fun sex games with your partner or whatever you do weird kinky shit with.

Halloween is when all the really creepy guys come out to play with all the slutty girls, and part of me loves it. For some reason girls feel that on this weekend, and this weekend only, they can go out and be around other people wearing pretty much nothing. Trust me, this is not me complaining about that.

Over the years my halloween costumes have gone from a custom made Mr Peanut to the Big Show from wrestling, but this year is going to be a little different.

This year I am dressing up like a March of the Living participant. For more info on MOL click here: http://marchoftheliving.org

Let’s not focus so hard on my shitty costume, but rather focus on all the fucking candy that’s going to be consumed within the next 2 weeks! When I was younger my parents would “check” my lute bag for “anthrax”, but really they would be taking all the good chocolate and candy. I am really good at eating candy.

I’ll tell you what else I’m excited for… All the people on Facebook posting pictures of them in their Halloween Costumes. Look at me!

I am going to be doing this new thing where I give shoutouts to people I interact with on my social networks! My first shoutout goes to Esa Fungtastic from Vine.

Today’s Shoutout

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