CrossFit Workouts with The Hulk? #FATtoFIT

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CrossFit Workouts with The Hulk? Who the fuck is The Hulk? All I know that there’s always one Hulk when it comes to the gym. This week I was referred to as The Hulk. Part of me feels good about it, but the other part of me is like, “The Hulk was ripped to shit”, and yeah, sure I’m strong, but definitely not ripped.

I will say this.


There is no question about it. In order to see results you need to first watch what the FUCK you put in your mouth, and then comes the physical part. I have been at CrossFit for about 4 months now, and guess what? I haven’t lost a single pound. I have gotten stronger at both lifting weight and eating like shit. So… Part one is a disaster, but part two is locked down like Pipper in orange is the new grey!

I told myself last weekend that starting Monday I would get my shit together when it comes to feeding this GUT Boi. Next thing you know, Monday is here, and I whack back a full pizza. Then Tuesday became the day. Since Tuesday I have done a pretty good job at maintaining a healthier eating style, and I feel pretty good.

This week was a big week for me at CrossFit. I hit my personal record in my Front Squats at 265lbs for my three rep max, I have been practicing my kipping which is a move that CrossFitters use for pull-ups and Chest to bar. I am going to get back into it, and lose some FUCKING WEIGHT!


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I've been fat my whole life, other than a quick year when I lost almost 100 pounds. Now I've gained it back, and more, to become the fattest I've ever been. 305 pounds. Now I'm hoping to lose weight and go from fat to fit on the internet.

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  • Hillary Cohen

    you’re doing so well!!!! Good for you!!

    • MyFatGuyProbs

      Thanks Hill! Same to you!